About Merrilyn

Merrilyn has studied embroidery in one form or another for over 40 years. She has taught for Embroiderers’ Guilds, Retail stores, Individuals and was the primary tutor whilst the proprietor of her own Needlework and Patchwork shop. She has had, and continues to have a wide variety of her projects published in Australian magazines, and in addition, has performed the role of judge at Royal Country Shows.


Having completed the Traditional Embroidery Certificate with the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild, she is currently completing the Certificate Course with the South Australian Embroiderers’ Guild, mastering in Perforated Styles of Embroidery and Tutoring. She has more recently extended her qualifications with the completion of the teaching Certification in Traditional Japanese Silk Embroidery. Concurrently with the Silk Embroidery, Merrilyn studied Traditional Japanese Bead Embroidery, which is based on the principles of the Silk Embroidery and this direction is where her passion now lies.


Currently living in Canberra, Merrilyn is married with 4 children, a son in law and 3 grandchildren her plans are to travel Australia and share through teaching, the uniquely beautiful techniques of Japanese Bead Embroidery.