Elegant Daisy Scissor Keep Black

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Rich sparkling colours of quality Japanese TOHO glass beads adorn this stunning little project. Working in Japanese Bead Embroidery on a background design, each stylized flower is re-created into a delightfully tactile creation. Beautiful rose gold beads form stems, creating a lattice like effect between the flowers. Enhancing the entire design is an outline and background scatter in beautiful special cut beads, that when stitched using the Japanese techniques will sparkle in all directions. No matter whether you choose to work the black or the Green design, your finished fob will be spectacular hanging from your favourite scissors or you may decide to make more than one and adorn your Christmas tree.  Matching Scissor Case now available.

The kit includes all design fabric, Japanese TOHO beads, needles, threads, and construction materials along with a comprehensive step by set of notes and colour pictures to enable you to complete this project. 

In addition to the kit you will require 

a 25cm (10”) Hoop (I use Susan Bates Super Hold Hoops), 

Tekobari or Laying Tool, 

Anti-static Bead Shoe, 

Quick-release Clamps 

Extra fine scissors.

Useful but not essential is a Very Fine Needle threader 

All these items are available through this website if you do not already have them.

Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate