Floral Notes Notebook Cover

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A richly beaded piece of Japanese Bead Embroidery, this project is designed to extend your knowledge of this fantastic form of embroidery. Incorporating over 30 different colours and shapes of quality Japanese Toho beads this piece will keep you interested from start to finish. As a notebook to keep in your handbag or if you prefer with some simple adjustments a cover for your phone, this piece, worked on quality authentic Timeless Treasures fabric, is a stunning example of how Japanese Bead Embroidery brings the fabric to life. This kit includes all design fabric, beads, needles, threads, and construction materials along with a comprehensive set of notes to enable you to complete this project. You will require a 30cm x 30cm Roller frame or Slate Frame on which to work, Koma, Bead Shoe and clamps to secure frame to a table while you work and a small pair of scissors.  All these items are available on the website.