Poppies Scissor Keep - Blue

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A stylish practical little project, displaying a scatter of Stunning Blue Poppies is designed to introduce you to this tactile form of embroidery. Incorporating basic techniques of this style of embroidery, the simplistic poppies will give you practise at controlling placement of individual beads, working simple bead circles and laying simple lines all while gaining an understanding of bead characteristics and properties. Worked entirely in quality Japanese TOHO seed beads and Special 3 cuts, each scissor keep, worked on original design fabric, will show how Bead Embroidery brings the fabric to life.

 Scissor keeps were originally designed to protect the points of your scissors if you dropped them. If desired, you can enclose a 20c or 50c piece inside the scissor keep while constructing to weight it for this purpose.

The kit includes all design fabric, Japanese TOHO beads, needles, threads, and construction materials along with a comprehensive set of notes to enable you to complete this project. 

In addition to the kit you will require a 25cm (10”) Hoop (I use Susan Bates Superhold Hoops), Tekobari or Laying Tool, Anti-static Bead Shoe, Quick-release Clamps and Extra fine scissors. All these items are available through the website.

Skill level: Beginner